Vehicle Movement

Inland Ferries has a maritime service to provide worldwide logistics with the movement of vehicles, cars and every form of automobiles from various points and location within Lagos via the waterways.

Decks inside our ferry fleets are fully enclosed to ensure all vehicles remain protected from the elements during shipment and have securing points running throughout the floor on every deck. Vehicles shipped on our vessels are tethered using straps around the wheels that are fastened to the ships integral securing eyelets.

Loading of cars and vehicles is very carefully planned with different types of vehicles being allocated to segregated decks so appropriate types of vehicles are loaded together.

In addition to the international shipping of POV’s personally owned vehicles, passenger cars, SUV’s, trucks, buses, ambulances, dump trucks, tractor trailers and other self propelled vehicles, we ship a lot of heavy construction equipment and other oversized (non-containerizable) cargo.

Larger vehicles such as tractors or plant equipment may require the use of specialised vehicles for transportation to the port. Please ask us for further information on transporting outsized or unusual vehicles and one of our experienced team will be happy to help.