At Inland Ferries, we offer full logistics support for rolling stocks and general cargo via container. We ship to the major ports across Lagos. So no matter your destination, we can help!


Inland Ferries provides marine transportation across the various waterways and ports in Lagos State. Our fleets operate from the core regions and ports in the state .


Inland Ferries assures clients and passengers of utmost safety when aboard any of our fleet of vehicles. This commitment of ours is reflected through various safety policies currently in place.


World Class Transportation Service

Inland Ferries' fleet is made up of various modern, comfortable vessels – all of which are designed specifically to meet the needs of our travelling public and commercial passengers.

Affordable Warehousing Service

Properly serviced brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle.

Inland Ferries has terminals and stations at the major ports across the state

Reliable and Efficient Personnel/Staff

Our logistic teams consist of hundreds of employees to ensure your optimum service satisfaction.

Inland Ferries has well trained staff and personnel to drive our ferries as well as attend to situations that may occur while on transit on any of our fleet vehicles.

Fast Cargo Service

Pretty much anything that rolls, or can be put on wheels, can be shipped on a RORO vessel. From Yachts, Helicopters, Locomotives, to Whole Fleets of rolling stock such as Autos, Buses, Big Rig Trucks, Heavy Construction Equipment, Road Building & Agricultural Equipment, etc, Inland Ferries assists with all of your RORO shipping needs